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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Mor Asaban is an independent film and video director, editor and visual story teller.
Her speciality is bringing stories to life through videos - directing their production and assembling recorded raw material into an edited finished product.
Mor works with companies spanning across Social media, Commercials, Documentary, Broadcasting, Architecture, Film post-production,  as well as marketing departments of both B2C and B2B companies.
When directing, Mor leads all creative aspects of the production, visualizing the script and guiding actors and technical crews towards capturing the project's vision.
When editing, Mor incorporates video and still camera footage, music, transition, dialogue, graphic effects and music effects into a carefully thought of story, driving viewer's attention and emotions. Mor insists on the highest level of quality and aesthetics, with a critical mind and keen aye for detail. 
Notable past experience includes directing and editing hundreds of short films and documentaries for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation's TV channel "Kan 11" , as well as projects for various other customers, across TV and internet commercials, events, social media, films, promotional videos and more, with many such projects reaching millions of views worldwide. Mor has a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Television from Sapir Academic College in the northwestern Negev desert near Sderot, Israel.
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